We are happy to announce that Polygon Physics has been selected as one of the top ten participants in Start Up Connexion 2015. This French competition is organized by press agency Groupe AEF (specialized in education, employment policies and social protection) and the French national research organization CNRS, and aims to support entrepreneurial researchers that want to develop their innovations commercially.

Start Up Connexion takes place in the context of RUE2015. RUE is an annual event in France for university staff (i.e., management, academic, research, international, communication, etc.) and business & industry players (i.e., management, HR, R&D, etc.), and encompasses the whole spectrum of the university-business cooperation. Polygon Physics president Pascal Sortais will pitch a project at RUE2015 around our innovative solution for high quality thin film deposition: ‘Multi Beam Sputtering‘. Come and hear him out on March 20th!