Nuclear and atomic physics

Originally developed as a simple, miniature, and low power particle source for accelerators, our ECR ion sources have found their way into various atomic and nuclear physics applications.

Gas ionization chamber for mass spectrometry

To analyze a gas with mass spectrometry, the gas molecules need to be ionized before entering the spectrometer. This can be done by passing the gas through an ion source. Ideally the ion source ionizes the gas without breaking up the molecules. Our single cavity ECR ion sources are capable of ionizing gases of different nature, including gases of more fragile molecules (e.g. organic compounds), with a low fragmentation rate. Contact us for more information.

Mass spectrum for air ionized with a COMIC ECR plasma cavity, with molecular and atomic nitrogen peaks indicated

Low emittance ion beams for particle accelerators

Particle accelerators need a source of particles. This source delivers preferably a high intensity beam of particles of the same energy and direction: a beam with low emittance. The emittance of our single cavity ECR sources has been proven to be of interest for different accelerator applications. Contact us for more information.

Emittance diagram for a Xe ion beam produced by COMIC ECR plasma cavity in which the different isotopes are clearly distinguished

Nuclear and atomic physics & Polygon Physics

Our high energy single cavity sources are used in various setups for nuclear and atomic physics, ranging from particle injection into electrostatic storage rings or charge boosters, to power testing of future neutron detectors.