Faraday Cup

Photo of HEXAR-7 ETCHER plus ECR neutralizer

Polygon Physics’ Faraday Cup is used to measure the ion or electron current delivered by particle sources.

Mobile under vacuum via flexible connections to electronics, it enables more flexibility to suit specific applications.

Photo of Ø80mm 1kV argon ion beam neutralized by electron beam (HEXAR-7 ETCHER)

Technical data

The source module is delivered with :

  • 1 BNC for measurement – compatible with control command rack for TES sources
  • 1 power supply cable


Faraday Cup has different apertures available. Its diameter is adaptable to the demand.

  • Slit : up to 19mm long and 5mm wide standard
  • Hole : 1mm diameter
  • Circle : up to 18.5mm diameter

Faraday Cup’s aperture can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for the possibilities.