The Polygon Physics Team

photo of Polygon Physics' co-founder and president Pascal Sortais


Pascal Sortais is an internationally recognized ion source expert, co-author of ten patents, and innovation awards laureate. His approach illustrates his passion for creating bridges between basic research and industry. In parallel to a career in accelerator physics at CNRS (France), Pascal Sortais has been consultant for various companies, before becoming an entrepreneur. Polygon Physics is his second company.

photo of Polygon Physics' co-founder and president Pascal Sortais

Head of Operations

Philippe Paliard is a passionate manager who loves to team up to meet technical challenges. Former student at Ecole Centrale Paris, Ecole Normale Supérieure and University Grenoble Alpes, he holds a MSc in nanoscience and nanotechnologies. Before joining Polygon Physics, he co-founded another still growing, several times awarded innovative company in the nanotechnologies domain.

photo of Elisabeth LaBarre (Polygon Physics administration)


Elisabeth Labarre embodies the backbone of Polygon Physics. Within Polygon Physics she manages everything related to finance, HR, legal, logistics.
Her slogan : « on va y arriver ! ».

photo of Merijn Bronsgeest (Product development and Communication at Polygon Physics)

R&D / Surface Physics

Originally from Figeac in Lot, Jérôme holds a PhD degree from Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France) in materials science. Before joining Polygon Physics, he worked across the globe, from Japan to Europe as a materials scientist focused on metallic clusters and their interactions with gas molecules on their surfaces. His enthusiasm for challenging experiments and problem solving combined with expertise in ultra-high vacuum, plasma and charged beams is the nicest combo to develop the particle sources of the future.

photo of Grégoire Roussely (R&D at Polygon Physics)


Originally from Cotentin in Normandy, Noémie is a R&D engineer at Polygon Physics. Curious and dynamic, she enjoys conducting experiments to learn more about how things work down to the infinitely small. After studying plasma physics at university, she did a PhD and worked several years in laser-matter interaction. She has now set aside lasers to develop particle sources at Polygon Physics.

photo of Grégoire Roussely (R&D at Polygon Physics)

R&D / software

Robin Perret is R&D engineer. He has a professional experience in several sectors, scientific but also logistics, robotics and sports, which allows him to bring his contribution to the development of Polygon Physics. His degree and interest in physics and his experiences in IT, mechanical and testing engineering allow him to manage projects from start to finish. Curious and multifaceted, Robin likes to imagine solutions and lead them from start to finish until their final development.

photo of Benjamin Besson (Vacuum and Software at Polygon Physics)


Alexandre Pellerin has a Bachelor’s degree in electronics and several years of professional experience in the field. Dynamic and meticulous, his varied knowledge and his interest for high-tech products are a real asset to Polygon Physics.

photo of Benjamin Besson (Vacuum and Software at Polygon Physics)

Vacuum, logistics and fabrication

Hervé Monin is a seasoned, polyvalent technician at Polygon Physics.
He was trained at the ‘Institut Universitaire de Technologie’ in Grenoble, in 2 specialties (Electrical and Thermal Engineering) and has a great experience in the semicon industry and in a technical laboratory.
Hervé contributes to source and electronic equipment assembly and testing, using his knowledge in ion implantation, vacuum, maintenance and metrology.
photo of Gaëtan Beaumont (Mechanical Design at Polygon Physics)

Mechanical design

Julien Perrussel is responsible for the mechanical design of our products, and also interfaces with the local machining companies. Julien has a mechanical engineering degree, and work experience in aeronautics and space sectors, which has developed his special interest in mechanical design. Also an expert in 3D printing. Curious and multifaceted, Julien enjoys coming up with solutions.
photo of Gaëtan Beaumont (Mechanical Design at Polygon Physics)


François Lebrun is a passionnate programmer and technician. He is working on the command control software of the racks, but he also likes to give a hand on the mounting part of the sources.
photo of Gaëtan Beaumont (Mechanical Design at Polygon Physics)

Purchases and Supply Chain

Axel Trevisan is the Purchasing and Supply Chain coordinator at Polygon Physics. Also a Master’s student, Axel seamlessly integrates academic insights with real-world experience. With a previous experience in the field, he dedicates himself optimizing processes and enhancing efficiency.