Together with local partners LMA, Cristal’Innov and Surface-technologies, Polygon Physics will build a unique ion polishing system that will be at the heart of a new regional center of expertise for precision optics polishing. This partnership is sponsored by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (R&D Booster project).

The new ion polishing system will exhibit an adaptive ion beam so that surface defects of different spatial frequencies can be polished with one and the same polishing system. Key to the adaptive ion beam is Polygon Physics’ scalable HEXAR technology.

The collaboration brings together the regional platform for crystal growth and preparation (Cristal’Innov), expertise in precision coating of large optical elements (LMA, e.g. LIGO and VIRGO projects), and the ECR technology developed at Polygon Physics. As a result a center of expertise can come to fruition, with top level expertise and facilities, serving the precision optics community locally, and worldwide.

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