Polygon Physics’ TES is a compact ECR source family, designed for surface science & processing based on ions, plasma, electrons, or atoms, in UHV or HV environment. Due to the different possible extraction systems as well as the customizable beam optics, TES is truly a multipurpose source concept.

Faraday Cup is used to measure the ion or electron current delivered by particle sources. One of its defining characteristics is to be mobile under vacuum via flexible connections to electronics, allowing more flexibility to suit specific applications.

HEXAR is a broad beam ion source designed for surface processing in vacuum. HEXAR is a scalable concept that enables the fabrication of sources adapted to the treatment of a wide range of surface sizes. Typical applications are ion beam etching, surface cleaning, ion assisted deposition and ion beam sputter deposition.
IE-gun is our single cavity ECR source module for plug & play high energy ion or electron beams. It can be configured up to 30kV, and mounted on any vacuum system with a 100mm CF or LF flange and adequate pumping speed.
Our answer to the demand for higher throughput in multicomponent materials research: multi beam sputter deposition. A unique geometry for thin film deposition based on ion beam sputtering, with multiple ion beams generated by our ultracompact and ultralow power ECR technology.
One ion source, multiple surface treatments. Polygon Physics offers a package deal for R&D purposes: a single system with which you can do a series of surface processing steps on the same sample without having to breaking the vacuum.
We see our ECR plasma cavities as little building blocks that can serve as individual plasma sources, ion sources, electron sources, or atom sources, but that can also be grouped together to create plasma sheets or ion beams of basically any size and shape.