Getting ready for SVTM 2016 brings back fond memories of the 2015 edition in St. Etienne, where our technology partner Bodycote took home the A3TS Innovation Award. Read more about it in this article (in French) on the website of Traitements&Matériaux. Here an excerpt (translated): “… the innovation prize was awarded to Bodycote for its ion implantation process Implantec. Bodycote has just taken into production – in addition to existing facilities – a new multisource ion implantation machine. …. The innovative character of this new machine is based not only on the fact that this is a world first on this scale using high vacuum and high energy plasma but also because it will be able to offer this technology industrially. … ‘This prestigious award motivates us to continue our technology development efforts to meet the demand of our customers but also to expand our scope of action in the field of Ion implantation, says Sylvain Batbedat, marketing director at Bodycote. This prize also rewards a successful technology partnership between CNRS, Polygon Physics and Bodycote.’ “