TES | Single-cavity ECR-plasma based sources

TES is a family of ion sources, electron sources, plasma sources, and atom sources, based on patented mono-cavity ECR technology.

Starting from the same core element a wide variety of sources can be built, ranging from a focused beam source for ion milling and ion beam figuring, to a high brightness ion source to inject into focusing columns of FIB and for surface analysis systems, to a UHV-compatible atomic oxygen source, to a simple plasma source or sputter source for surface cleaning and/or ion beam sputter deposition. Contact us for more information.

Each of these sources can be mounted with either a rigid or flexible flange coupling, allowing for source movements under vacuum.

Sputter source

Gridless UHV compatible source suitable for sample cleaning, but also capable of higher current densities to perform sputter deposition.

Ion mill

With ion beam figuring and ion milling applications in mind, this source comes equipped with a focusing module.

Deposition assist ion source

Improve thin film quality through high flux low energy ion bombardment during deposition.

High brightness ion source

Mainly for FIB columns and surface analysis equipment. Can deliver both positive and negative ions through a simple switch in polarity. Designed to produce ion beams of up to ±30kV.

Plasma source

Exploiting the ECR plasma itself, this source is designed for downstream plasma cleaning / remote source plasma cleaning.

Atom source

A source type suitable for surface treatments such as carbon cleaning, oxidation, and nitride formation with very low damage. The atom beam is created by filtering the charged particles from the plasma.


Electron source / Neutralizer

Long-lifetime ECR-based neutralizers or electron flood guns, developed for beam/surface neutralization, but also electron sources for higher beam energies.

Source coupling to the flange: rigid or flexible


Sources from the TES family can be either directly mounted onto a flange with rigid coupling, but can also be coupled to the flange through flexible connectors only, allowing you to position the source inside your system wherever you want.



The source comes with a user-friendly control & monitoring interface, that allows you to control the beam, record data, and run stored recipes. The GUI user interface is available to integrate our software with other systems.


Due the different possible extraction systems as well as the customizable beam optics, TES is truly a multipurpose source concept. It can be configured for different applications that include ion beam figuring, ion milling, sputter cleaning, surface modification, neutralization, assistance for thin film deposition, and ion beam sputter deposition. You can find more information about these applications on this page.

La conception de TES est cofinancée par l’Union européenne. L’Europe s’engage en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes avec le Fonds européen de développement régional.